Our terms are pretty simple, you order, we deliver! We are available to you 24/7! We’re a small business in California with high customer service standards, we welcome and encourage you to contact us at any step of the order process if you have any questions.

  • All sales are final
  • Returns are permitted by RMA approval only (15-30 days depending on product)
  • Products are brand new, never reconditioned
  • Cancellations made after midnight EST / day after purchase are subject to a minimum $5 and up to 5% processing fee

Credit Card Statement

All credit card transactions will appear on your credit card statement as “MyBatteryPlace.”

Your Personal Information

We do not store your credit card information! We do not share/sell your personal information. In order for the shipment to occur we need to share your shipping info with our distributors (if drop-shipped from manufacturer) and our shipping carrier(s). No third party in the distribution chain will ever use, share, or sell your contact information for any purpose other than delivery of the shipment.

Order Cancellation

Do to our quick shipping all sales are final and we cannot guarantee any cancellations can be made, please attempt to contact us, we will do what we can to assist you and cancel if possible. If the order has been processed at a warehouse the return policy comes into effect. X-Treme Scooter and/or any orders over $500 may not be canceled at any time once an order has been submitted.

Return Policy

Returns are limited to 15-30 days from purchase (depending on item ordered) and MUST have an attached RMA number which may be obtained via email or phone. Shipping is paid by the customer and MUST have tracking for a valid return, once the returned product arrives at the warehouse and the battery is inspected as damage-free, reversal of charges are made as soon as possible (minus any shipping fees shared by if applicable). All returns are subject to a minimum 20% restocking fee. Additional fees may be assessed based on the condition of the returned item. Returns should be re-packaged due to the possible breakdown of original shipping materials during shipment. If you remove the terminal protectors you must put them back on firmly. If terminals are bent when we receive a battery return, no refund will be issued. We do not accept returns damaged in shipment, the shipping party is responsible for the arrival condition. You must obtain an RMA from for ALL returns, no exceptions. Returns without valid RMA numbers are not our responsibility and will not be refunded. Any battery that is returned that does not match the date of manufacture as the battery which buyer originally received will not qualify for a refund. If the buyer tries to pass off an old order, or an order from another merchant purposefully, they will be placed on a list and disqualified from making future orders. LifePO4 batteries may not be returned for refund, a store credit may be issued in the case you wish to return this cell type and only allowed on a case by case basis. All shipments that are marked refused and returned without previously approval are subject to a 75% restock fee. After an order is placed you must make contact if you wish to return an unused product.

Disclaimer: You have 24 hours from the date of receiving product to notify of defective/damaged merchandise no matter the manufacturer. Save the original packaging and take pictures of the merchandise/damaged packaging. Arrangements will be made for pick-up of the package and a shipment of replacement products wioll be made immediately.

Our replacement products may not be the Original Equipment from the Manufacturer (Original Brand), however they are tested and are certified to be 100% OEM compatible with the referenced parts. Many times our manufacturers products are the only replacement if the OEM no longer supports a particular device. Returns for items based on the reason that it is not from the OEM will not be honored. Any return that is received will be subject to a minimum 25% restocking fee for violating these terms. All shipments that are marked refused and returned without previous approval are subject to a 75% restock fee. After an order is placed you must make contact if you wish to return an unused product.


SLA batteries have a one year replacement warranty. Some manufacturers such as Moto Batt, Moto Classic and Amstron offer two year replacements warranties. Warranty covers manufacturer flaws which are almost always immediately evident upon installation and first few battery discharge and recharge cycles. If you experience failure during normal usage we will replace the battery through a warranty exchange, customer pays shipping for replacement part(s) ($14.95 to cover shipping and processing), RMA process may apply. may also require customer to cover any replacement costs in addition to shipping depending on certain criteria. Please retain proof of purchase date. Defective merchandise (DOA) that is covered under warranty may be returned for in-store credit or replacement. Credits will be issued at prices in effect at the time that merchandise was purchased at If a battery arrives DOA, may pay to ship the bad product back for testing, if customer misuse or damage is not suspected we will replace the battery at no charge. The warranty does not cover malfunctions resulting from misuse tampering, modifications or accidents, nor does it cover normal wear (ie; you had a power outage and the battery backup function was triggered in your UPS, you ride your scooter or e-bike everyday and after 11 months it won’t take a charge, you discharged and recharged your battery for several months and no longer get as much usage as when it was new). SLA batteries can last for as long as 5-6 years in a standby situation such as UPS or home alarm. When used daily SLA batteries will only perform at peak performance capacity for 150-200 cycles, you may see a performance loss at as little as 10-50 cycles if improper charging or over discharging of batteries has occured. NEVER drain an SLA battery completely, this will do irreversible damage! SLA batteries perform best if discharged no greater than 50% and then recharged immediately to 100%.

My Battery Place / reserves the right to deny warranty claims based on misuse and/or physical damage caused by overcharging, deep discharge or discharged-state storage, or if the battery has been used in experimentally used or used in a product that is not cross referenced on this website. This is not a no questions asked warranty, you may be required to test and/or ship the suspected bad product back for testing. Please email or call for a return to manufacturer authorization (RMA) number. All cartons must have a return authorization number marked on the outside of the box. Unmarked cartons will be refused and no refunds/exchages will be made.

MotoBatt Warranty

All MotoBatt batteries come with a full 2 year replacement warranty. To process a warranty we will need to record some information about the type of failure and have the battery ‘lid’ returned. In most cases there is no need to return the battery. A replacement can be processed and shipped to your location for $16.95 (to cover shipping and processing, this fee may be waived at our discretion). Customer may be required to test battery and be given instruction and troubleshooting assistance in order to obtain actual quality of product. My Battery Place / will require that the top plate be removed by customer and returned to manufacturer as proof that the battery has actually failed.


Occasionally we have batteries that are cosmetically damaged (scuffed) during shipment, these batteries are 100% quality, just butt-ugly. Although each battery is tested for quality before shipment, we offer a 6 month replacement warranty (you pay actual shipping only).  If for any reason other than misuse the product fails to perform in a cross referenced application, we will replace the battery(ies) free of charge. Customer is responsible for return of failed product and pays actual shipping costs to send a replacement. This warranty length varies and is listed on a per item basis (see warranty duration information on product page).

Password Reset

If you lose your password at any time, you may call us to reset it or use our simple password reset. If phone reset, you must have an active account and confirm information held therein.

Pricing Accuracy

At any time, an order may be canceled due to pricing error. If a transaction with gross price error is attempted, your credit card will not be charged or will be refunded once pricing error is discovered. If we are at error, a minimum 10% discount will be offered on adjusted price.

Credit Card Charge-backs

We will take care of any issue you have, give us a chance to satisfy your complaints by calling or emailing.