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Antigravity Batteries

Antigravity Batteries
The next generation Lithium-ion Motorcycle Powersports Batteries are here! Antigravity - the lightest weight and most powerful motorsports battery available. Antigravity Lithium-ion batteries provide better starting and can hold a charge for over a year with 6-volt, 12-volt and 16-volt available in common OEM case sizes. We also have the world’s smallest jump starter and back-up battery, the Antigravity MICRO-START XP series battery charger, jump starter & emergency beacon, and 6v, 12v & 16v Lithium battery chargers.

Completely built in the USA, (components and all) Antigravity Batteries are the latest technology in lithium Powersports/Motorsport batteries. Using the same Nano-Phosphate lithium power-cells used by companies such as Ford, Toyota, BMW and GM Antigravity Batteries can offer the most compact and powerful and lightweight battery in the industry, with up to 40% more power compared to similar physical size batteries like their competitor Shorai. Power is what spins the motor faster and keeps the voltage up when starting a motor, so more power offers better starting. Antigravity Batteries are the only lithium battery manufacturer to offer lithium batteries in direct drop-in fit OEM replacement sizes for most modern motorcycles. Additionally Antigravity offers another line of batteries called “Small Case” models that are the most compact and powerful batteries in their class and are used by many of the top race teams and enthusiasts around the world who desire the space and weight savings for their performance vehicles.

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